Stage 3 NEXT STEPS - What can the programme lead to?

  • Full-time, part-time or casual work as an instructor within a leisure facility.
  • Gym instructors can undertake more training to become a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, GP Referral Specialist.
  • Swimming Assistants can progress to Swimming Teachers, Coaches, Lifeguards or Aqua Class Instructors.
  • Career options include becoming a team leader, manager or tutor. See these links for careers in swimming or fitness

Past students:

Successful past students include individuals with physical and sensory impairments and mental health conditions. The range of injury/conditions include; spinal cord injury, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, limb loss, ehlers danlos, post traumatic stress, depression and loss of function caused by stroke, brain injury, osteoarthritis and other conditions affecting skeletal and neuromuscular function.

Read about our past graduates who have qualified as Fitness Instructors through the InstructAbility programme:

Sarah Andrews is a 44 year old woman with a history of Anxiety and Depression who qualified as a Fitness Instructor.

Click here to read Sarah's story

Graduate Joshua Taylor Joshua Taylor is age 16 and an athlete with cerebral palsy, who qualified as a Fitness Instructor.

Click here to read Joshua's story.
Judith Caunter is a 50 year women with Tranverse Myelitis who qualified as a Fitness Instructor. 

Click here to read Judith's story.
Steve Morley is a 61 year old Heart Attack survivor who is now a Fitness Instructor.

Click here to read Steve's story.
Graduates Ishtiaq and Kerry Ward Hussain Ishtiaq Hussain and Kerry Ward Hussain are a deaf couple who use British Sign Language
who have both qualified as Fitness Instructors.

Click here to read Ishtiaq Hussain and Kerry Ward Hussain's story.

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