"Disabled instructors are uniquely able to understand the needs and concerns of other disabled people. The InstructAbility scheme has helped raise awareness that working as gym instructors as well as working out in a gym can be for everyone. So far the InstructAbility graduate who we employed has engaged ten disabled people on a six week programme."Sport Development Officer

“We promote healthy lifestyles to all the community and want to make it as easy as possible with no barriers to participation. InstructAbility student, Kimberley, has been an inspiration not only to the customers but her fellow peers in the complex. We look forward to benefiting from the partnership and enabling more people to use the facilities here.” Manager at Hillingdon Sports & Leisure Complex

"Personally I think the programme is inspirational and our InstructAbility student, Adrian, has been an absolute asset to the fitness team. We now look forward to working with Adrian as an employee for the foreseeable future and I am excited to see the next generation of fitness professionals brought to us by InstructAbility". Fitness First Regional Manager

“The gym staff were already knowledgeable about disability but Laurence has enhanced understanding about the day to day difficulties and helped us identify a number of areas where we may be able to improve accessibility for disabled clients”. Centre Manager at Thamesmere Leisure Centre

“Spencer’s enthusiasm and willingness has been an inspiration to the team and customers alike. His colleagues have found themselves asking him nearly as many questions as he has asked them. Other staff gained a far better knowledge of the daily challenges wheelchair users face and how they utilise the facilities we are providing and useful training techniques. The InstructAbility initiative has tied in well with our recent Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) accreditation and we would be happy to consider further placements through the InstructAbility programme." Fitness Manager at Plymouth Life Centre