InstructAbility has given Sarah confidence and a new focus

Sarah had been a full time carer for 11 years for her son who has autism when a friend gave her a leaflet about InstructAbility. She says, “I have always been interested in sports and I thought it would be great to have a qualification in something I’m passionate about.

“I have lived with depression and anxiety for 25 years. Having a hidden disability is difficult as people don't understand it, even though I try to explain, because I look like I'm ok but inside I'm facing difficulties most of the time.

“I completed the InstructAbility gym instructor course and then did a work placement at Park Road Pools & Fitness leisure centre, where I am now a permanent part-time employee working ten hours a week.

“InstructAbility has helped me to understand that exercise is a key element to positive mental health. It has helped me to express myself and no longer hide my disability, which is an important part of me. I am able to use all the skills and knowledge that I gained on the course to show disabled people that exercise is for everyone.

“I now plan to become a personal trainer because one-to-one or training small groups is what I feel most comfortable doing. InstructAbility has opened up my world and given me a new focus. I have gained confidence and feel like I am in a new phase of my life. After not working for ten years I am now employed, as well as caring for my son. I am able to manage my depression and anxiety better because I am doing something for me that I enjoy.”