Training Details

  1. Training content will be delivered as outlined per individual programme.
  2. If a student does not gain any qualification they may not progress to the placement.In case of CPD modules, students will be required to deliver activity sessions with existing employing organisation or as self employed instructor.
  3. Certificates will only be provided upon successful completion of the placement and submission of online tasks. 

Training Agreement The student will:

  1. Meet all training course requirements. 
    In instances where students are unable to meet course requirements tutors will provide feedback and discuss options which may include withdrawal from the course.
  2. Respond promptly and within 3 working days, when contacted by either Aspire, Training Provider/Tutor or Local Project Lead (LPL) during the programme. 
  3. Contact Training Provider and LPL in case of any absence/lateness and take responsibility to catch up on any missed work. 
  4. Be punctual and attend all course and work placement dates.
  5. Wear appropriate sportswear during practical work.

Placement Details

All candidates are required to complete a voluntary work placement within the leisure industry where you fulfill the role as an instructor and undertake a variety of outreach activities. The aims are to enhance:

  1. service provision for disable people by increasing staff awareness of disability issues
  2. the number of disabled people using the centre for leisure activities
  3. instructor experience and employability

Placement Agreement The student will:

  1. Accept an alternative placement when preferred options are unavailable.
  2. Start work placement promptly as scheduled in the programme.*
  3. Complete the minimum voluntary hours as stipulated on each programme. 
  4. Comply with the company policies, maintain a professional standard and work towards achieving the project aims.
  5. Undertake the outreach tasks and upload evidence online.
  6. Aim to engage at least 10 disabled clients to visit and participate in activity.**
  7. Submit online tasks, client data and complete online evaluations.

*Delayed start only granted in exceptional circumstances and any medical reasons must be evidenced by a GP letter.
**Where students have no evidence of engaging disabled people into fitness activities, the duration may be extended until minimum number of disabled people are engaged.

Breaching the agreement
If there is no valid reason why a student cannot complete the voluntary work placement/session delivery we may seek to recoup the costs of the training directly from the individual. This does not include situations where an individual can evidence a medical reason for non completion. We aim to support all our students to complete the programme and will seek to resolve matters on an individual basis.

Certificates will not be issued until the candidate completes the voluntary work placement and submits the online tasks.