All instructors will undertake a voluntary industry work placement to gain skills and engage more disabled people in exercise.

Qualified instructors undertaking CPD modules, can lead the new activity in their existing place of volunteering or employment, or set up community based clubs.

Each placement will vary due to individual company policies but below is a standard example of the placement process.

1. To improve service provision for disabled people by increasing staff awareness of disability issues.
2. To promote the centre and the benefits of exercise to disabled people in the local community.
3. To increase the number of disabled people using the centre for fitness activities.
4. To improve the InstructAbility student’s skills with clients of all abilities and enhance their employability.


  1. Placement meetings and inductions start after enrolment and approximately 4 weeks prior to starting the training.
  2. After successfully completing the training, placements resume for 12 consecutive weeks, approximately 3 days per week, 6hrs per day. 
  3. The placement includes all tasks associated with an instructor role for 2 days per week.
  4. 1 day/week is spent on promotional and community outreach activities designed to engage new disabled clients, with a target of getting at least 10 disabled people more physically active.
  5. The placement is an unpaid voluntary role which students commit to in return for free training and qualification.


  1. Candidates submit placement options when applying.
  2. The Local Project Lead (LPL) organises the work placement and sets up the initial meeting.
  3. A Service Level Agreement is completed online, stating agreed dates and times.
  4. A named member of centre staff is assigned as a mentor who oversees the placement with other staff supporting on a day to day basis.
  5. The candidate completes a series of online tasks to evidence their community engagement work.
  6. The candidate and placement provider complete evaluation forms and monitoring data.
  7. At the end of the placement a review meeting is held to discuss the impact of the project and future employment opportunities.
  8. The student graduates from the InstructAbility programme and is presented with all certificates.

NB Only students who complete the whole programme will receive their qualification certification.


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